Technology – Making The World Smaller Or perhaps Distancing Us From Each other?

With the age of technology everything’s tailored towards acquiring with speed. We’re chasing the next gadgets, widgets, services and products with high speed efficiency and look to have gratification in our acquisition within seconds. Heaven forbid any text or internet site message which takes beyond some seconds to provide us with the answers we need.

My question is – in the fast race to success with the help of high tech efficiency, when do we pause to hook up with each other? Have lengthy talks with our friends and also family really become part of the dinosaur age? With empresas de inteligencia artificial of cyber communication, mobile phone text messaging and the like a lot of things including dumping someone can and is often being performed without any face-to-face or voice-to-voice interaction.

How many times do we take some time away from the pcs, television & techie games to indulge in sensational story telling and also play acting with our kids? It wasn’t that far back that our neighborhood streets were loaded with kids creating lifelong friendships through made-up street video games & wild adventures. These days, little, if any conversation, occurs between kids as they sit side by side steering the current nintendo or perhaps x box games. When was the importance of myths plus lessons told to us at the knees of our grandparents and elderly in our community replaced with impatience at their struggle to learn this new generation of technology?

The earth has certainly grown into a smaller site with the dawn of technology and there is simply no discounting the advantages of efficient and fast communication within seconds across the world. But like anything in everyday living, without the putting on balance, even the seemingly great can be dangerous. As we appear to give additional time these days to our computer screens and techie products we are rapidly losing our one-on-one, face-to-face connections with each other.

Possibly the following time we find ourselves purposefully typing set up that email and swiftly transferring our fingers across the secrets of the mobile phone, why not stop for a moment. It might possibly be just the best time to go by foot around to our colleague’s table and propose a coffee break instead. Or the amount of time may be perfect for Grandma to delight in seeing us turn up on the doorstep ready to settle into a cosy chat while she fusses over us with pound cake and a warm cup of tea. Imagine the shock on the faces of the children of ours if we switch off the tv as well as turn up in our fairy wings or pirate hat prepared for a fantastical adventure.

Finally it is we who choose just how much or how small we allow things to influence our lives. We don’t need to allow our quest for high tech progress lead to regression in our human connections.

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